Custom-made lines


MG Recycling offers the possibility of manufacturing a complete tailored system, with a variable capacity of infeed materials, starting from 200 kg/h (440 Lbs/h), up to 2000/3000 kg/h (4400 | 6600 Lbs/h). Matrix systems are designed around the customer needs, in terms of model and positioning.




MG Recycling granulators allow the grinding of the processed material, reducing this to the most suitable sizes required during the following steps. They are available in different power and dimensions models.


MG Recycling Turbo uses the pulverizing technology thanks to a treatment through hammers and tooth armors. The material is pulverized with the result of an increase of production and separation rate.


MG Recycling separators use the air separation technology. They separate metals and other granulated materials with different specific weight between them.


MG Recycling vibrating screens allow the full recovery of copper or aluminum dust still present in the plastic granules. These vibrating screens can be matched to all the compact systems and all the personalized Matrix lines.


nastro trasportatore recycling systems

MG Recycling conveyors include a magnet roller and can be equipped with other accessories i.e. overbelt magnetic separator neodymium according to the supplied system and they optimize the material workflow.


nastro dosatore recycling systems

The MG Recycling dosing belts consist of a structure inside which a rubber band is rotated. This type of conveyor is slightly inclined to measure the material only on the bottom of the tape. It is a fish bait shape, so as to facilitate transportation and containment of the material.


zig zag recycling systems

MG Recycling separators allow a first separation of the thick rigid copper or aluminium granules in order to avoid the pre-sorting of the cable.

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