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Electrical cables and wires recycling

Radiators recycling


Car fluff (asr) recycling

Bottle caps and aluminum cans

Coffee capsules and packaging recovery


Compact machines designed and manufactured by MG Recycling allow the recycling of electrical cables, radiators, electronic boards, WEEE and other scrap materials. They are compact, reliable and quality plants, mainly used for the recycling and therefore recovery of copper of electrical wires. (…Read more).


MG Recycling pre-shredders ensure excellent time rates production and easy adjustment of the cutting speed thanks to the inverter technology. They are optimized for the shredding of a wide variety of scrap materials, including cables, radiators, electronic cards, and plastic waste. (…Read more)


All recycling and recovery machines are perfectly adaptable to use automatically and can be customized in a Matrix Custom-Made System by adding other machines and accessories to have a complete recycling system for recovering different materials and to meet customer needs, in terms of model and positioning. (…Read more).

Experience, innovation, technology for recycling

MG Recycling designs and manufactures equipment for the recycling of copper, aluminum, ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

The patents registered by MG Recycling include a wide range of shredders, grinders, separators from innovative technology, able to guarantee more than 99% recovery of raw materials.

MG Recycling: recycling for a business that generates income and social utility.