MG 380 VZT – TR 800

The Complete System MG 380 VZT – TR 800 is a patented technological system that offers the best solution for cable treatment and guarantees a complete recovery of copper and aluminum, even for the thinnest parts. The process starts with a TRITRONIC shredder that uses a unique inverter technology to adjust its operation according to the treated material. It is equipped with a loading belt that conveys the material to a compact group of machines on a single platform. A ZIG ZAG Separator, a TURBO Pulverizer and a Separator complete the optimization of the recycling of rigid and electronic cables. MG 380 VZT is associated with the 400/3650 loading belt and the TR 800 or TR 1200 shredder.

It can be completed by Optional systems to meet the needs of further refining

UP TO 1000 KG/H

Processed materials