MG Recycling supports its customers in identifying the type of machinery most suitable to their needs, proposing standard or customised solutions according to the material that needs to be recovered, production capacity, available space and any other factors that can influence the choice of the most appropriate technology.

With the experience it has gained over the years MG Recycling is also a privileged partner capable of providing consultancy in regard to the civil and penal law aspects of the permits that regulate the metal recovery industry.



MG Recycling machines are totally manufactured in Italy, and both the design and construction are entirely carried out in Italy, at the company’s premises in Bondeno (FE).

Our technical staff is highly qualified and has extensive knowledge of the copper recovery industry, thanks to a longlasting experience gained in the design and implementation of customised solutions, developed side-by-side with its customers.

In order to maintain the quality of its machines at the highest levels and step ahead of its competitors, MG Recycling heavily invests in research and development as well as in the training of its resources, encouraging the study of innovative solutions, the development of prototypes and staff participation in training and updating courses.



MG Recycling machines are designed to be simple to install and operate.

MG Recycling can provide its specialised technicians to intervene worldwide. For more informations contact us.



Il livello qualitativo dei macchinari MG Recycling assicura la durata nel tempo e prestazioni costanti, riducendo al minimo
gli interventi di manutenzione e riparazione.
I tecnici MG Recycling sono comunque a completa disposizione del Cliente per qualunque necessità, garantendo interventi
tempestivi e risolutivi, in modo da evitare fermi macchina o rallentamenti alla produzione.